Requirements for being in the training:

  • Working with families, babies, children, or with adults.
  • Introduction in biodynamic cranio-sacral therapy.
  • Basic knowledge about human anatomy and physiology.
  • Having ongoing therapeutic support and/or supervision.
  • Having done at least one workshop with Mary and Regina in the last two years.
  • Abstaining from nicotine and drugs.
  • Abstaining from alcohol one week before and during the modules, as well as in all womb surrounds.

This training will be bilingual in English and German. There will be a translation in both languages.

What else is needed:
After each module, there will be some creative projects to be done at home with special topics, which supports the integration of the last module and prepares you for the next module. Also, you will need to do two (if you already did two WS in advance) or three (if you only did one WS in advance) more womb surrounds, either with Mary and Regina or with somebody else who is a certified womb surround practitioner.

Where: The training will be in the practice of Regina Bücher, Hinterhofen 21, D – 79291 Merdingen, Germany

When: Eight 6-day modules

Module 1 – September 6th – September 11th 2022
Module 2 – February 27th – March 4th 2023
Module 3 – October 4th – October 9th 2023
Module 4 – March 26th – March 31st 2024
Module 5 – October 1st – October 6th 2024
Module 6 – March 18th – March 3rd 2025
Module 7 – September 16th – 21st 2025
Module 8 – March 17th – march 22nd 2026


Non-refundable application fee: € 75,00
Each module: € 1200,00 (not including room and board)
The money goes to the account which is in the name of Regina Bücher
Consors-Bank - IBAN: DE96 7603 0080 0240 4386 76 - BIC: CSDBDE71XXX

In Europe electronic transfers are free when you use SEPA.
Any banc costs go to the participant.
We will set up a financial plan when to pay the modules.

Please send your application including a professional résumé, your intention for doing the training and a photo to:
Regina Buecher - Hinterhofen 21 - D - 79291 Merdingen

or Mary Jackson - 947 Casitas Vista Road, Ventura, CA 93001 - USA

If you have any questions, please contact either Regina or Mary:
Regina: +49 7668 950764 -
Mary: +1 805 649-3063 -


Regina Buecher Dipl.Heilpäd.(FH)

Regina is a "healing paedagogue" (Heilpädagogin) who has worked with families for 25 years. Regina's passion is for each member of the family to grow as much as possible into their full potential and also for the whole family to grow into healthy and safe relationships and connections. Families with babies and kids of any age benefit from this work. Regina is a certified womb surround leader and currently co-teaching a Prenatal and Birth Training with Klaus Käppeli that follows the curricullum of Ray Castellino.

Mary Jackson L.M., R.N., RCST®

Mary is a midwife with more than 40 years of experience. She is a leader in her field and has delivered over 3000 babies in the Santa Barbara, Ventura, South Coast area (USA). She is a certified womb surround leader and has been co-teaching the Castellino Prenatal and Birth Training with Ray Castellino and others. She incorporates Craniosacral Therapy and Somatic Experience in her work. She is a national and international speaker. Mary is married and the mother of a son and a daughter.