Mary Jackson is located in the Ojai Valley of Ventura County, California, and offers home birth midwifery services from south of Ventura to north of Santa Barbara. She offers sessions and lectures, and provides workshops and trainings internationally from the pre and perinatal psychology perspective.

Home Birth and Well Woman

Clients call Mary the "angel of birth". With over 40 years of home birth experience, Mary has developed a tremendous trust for what women's bodies are designed to do, as well as the ability to rapidly assess situations that require additional medical attention. Her approach combines traditional pre and post natal care with ground-breaking deep work to renegotiate family imprints and integrate the actual birth experience with both parents and babies.

  • preparation for conception
  • family imprints resolution
  • prenatal care
  • home birth
  • waterbirth
  • postpartum care
  • breastfeeding support
  • birth experience integration
  • well woman care

Mary's home birth practice includes midwife Dawn Dana.

Family and Individual Sessions

In her family and individual sessions called CHOICES, Mary supports individuals, parents and children to integrate past events and early imprints that were challenging, so that they have more choice in difficult situations and respond to them rather than reacting to their triggering effect. CHOICES is an approach that Mary developed blending her own research and key somatic, attachment, and pre & perinatal psychology learnings and techniques.

Sessions begin by reviewing core interaction and contact skills in order to create a safe and nurturing container. Then we clarify the intentions of the client for the session and these become the organizing theme of the session. In the main part of the session we follow body movements and sensations that are related to the intention and that may connect to somatically recorded imprints and experiences. We may also do some exercises and talk about these experiences. Always trusting and honoring the individual's natural ability to heal her/himself.

The end result is an experience of settling, differentiation, deeper connections and choice by integrating and resolving events and circumstances that had been challenging.

Available in person or via Skype video calls. Mary's husband Alex Lobba often joins her in facilitating these sessions.

Classes and Workshops

  • Birth and Bonding Classes - Birth sequence, baby's natural attachment crawl and birth story telling, bonding and attachment, grounding exercises. These can be 2 hour classes or 1 to 4 day workshops.
  • CHOICES Workshops - A 4 day workshop that expands the approach of CHOICES sessions to a group setting with 5-7 participants, each having a 1.5-3 hour session supported by both facilitators and other participants and followed by de-briefing and integration. The aim of the workshop is to integrate past events and early imprints that were challenging, so that participants have more choice in difficult situations and respond to them rather than reacting to their triggering effect. This workshop is based on the Castellino Womb Surround Process workshop.
  • Circle of Security - An 8 week parenting intervention series (one evening per week) focused on shifting parenting focus from children's behaviors to children's needs in order to develop secure attachment between children and parents/caregivers.



For pre & perinatal psychology practitioners and birthing professionals.

This training prepares participants to help their clients with early imprinting. You will learn how to support clients in developing the skills to self regulate and differentiate past trauma from present-time triggers. In this way they can make explicit the procedural memories that drive their chronic patterns and are then able to make new choices.

Learning is facilitated through lectures, that provide a sound framework of understanding, footage of family sessions, and exercises where the learning is integrated and put to work in a group setting designed to produce a safe and often fun space.

  • Training Programs:
    • Pre and Perinatal Training - One year training with 4 one-week modules. Taught with Charisse Basquin.
    • Castellino Training - 2-4 year training with 8 one-week modules. Taught with Ray Castellino and/or Tara Blasco.