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Introduction to the Pre and Perinatal Training – Germany

September 11, 2021 - September 12, 2021

With Mary Jackson and Regina Buecher.

The Health and Wholeness of who we are and who we were from the beginning never leaves us. The events of life leave imprints that can cause a shift in the perception on how we perceive ourselves and our lives.
An easy and obvious place to understand how early imprints show up in our lives are transitions – all the small and big transitions in our lives. To name some of them:

  • getting up in the morning, going to bed in the evening,
  • putting on outdoor clothes and leaving the house, coming back,
    transitioning in the kindergarten from one activity to the next, in the school from one class to the next, in the office from one project to the next;
  • transitioning from kindergarten to school,
  • going for a visit, for a vacation, for a workshop, for any journey….

Some of us struggle to get things going, our kid might struggle to finally start with the homework for school. Some of us might experience they start just fine but then they get stuck in the middle. Some of us might be challenged to bring things to a good ending. Some come always early – or always late. Some linger a lot after the end and don´t want to leave – others leave as fast as possible.
The way we experience transitions holds a lot of information about our experiences throughout pregnancy and birth. When there is an intervention or interruption in our early sequencing experiences such as at our conception, birth, and after birth, - it can leave an impact on us that is like a veil covering our eyes. These early experiences leave an imprint around how we (and our children) experience and deal with transitions in our lives. These early experiences also imprint on how we experience and deal with ourselves and our relationships.
Becoming aware of how the sequencing imprints affect the order in which we do things in our lives today, e.g. during transitions, allows us to have more freedom to change how we make choices.

Through talks, video examples and exercises we learn more about how transitions mirror our early sequencing – imprints. We also learn more about what that means for our lives and how to integrate these imprints towards having more choices in living our true potential.


September 11, 2021
September 12, 2021
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Regina Buecher, Dipl.Heilpäd.(FH)
Mary Jackson, L.M., R.N., RCST®


Regina’s Office in Merdingen
Hinterhofen 21, D
Merdingen, 79291 Germany
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